Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 2 (Oct 12)

Ugh... went to the gastro doc today and found out that my GP is not reversible.  I can only treat it as-is and hope to prevent it from worsening.   Again, he empasized that I need to eat small, frequent meals... no big meals... I should just "graze".

Also, we are going to try zofran for the nausea/retching I get in the morning.   I will pick it up Sunday and start it Sunday night.   He said to try it for a month and if there is no improvement, he wants me to try a very reduced dose of the reglan which drove me crazy(er) last year.   But, he said the amount would be just a teensy bit of what I was taking before because he thinks it is the best thing for my retching and it can help a little with the delayed emptying.   He also said to supplement my erythromycin with gas-x.   I stay on the erythro for like ever... or until it stops working.   A bit unsure on the cost as I received a letter from my insurance company that it is not "a preferred drug", but gastro doc said he'd talk to them if need be.

My house cleaning goals for today (I'm on a mini leave of absence from work) is to clean my kitchen tables, wash the dishes (making this a daily chore) and do some laundry.   Those are my minimum goals... but right now I feel so tired, I just want to sleep.   Going to drink my cup of tea and maybe that will pep me up.

Okay, here it is after dinner.   That Mac & Cheese from last night was actually better warmed up the next day.  I'm going to go over my carb limit today.  :-(     I forgot to mention two important things about me:   I'm vegetarian and I'm a very picky eater.  Just to add to the mix. 
If I can stop playing World of Warcraft (WoW) long enough, I'm going to google sandwich spreads...thinking I could sneak some of those veggie purees into those and I need something else for snacking.  It would be good if I could figure out a way to add a little protein to it, too.   I like the little mini-bagels, so a little spread on the bagels would be cool.   Lots of things to look up.   From what I understand from my GP support groups, a lot of it is just trial and error to see what your tummy can tolerate.   I might even be able to handle some raw veggies/fruits. 
So, I got one of the kitchen tables cleaned off, but it still needs polishing.  Washed the dishes.  Discovered I didn't have enough clothes to do the laundry.   Took Callie on a medium walk.   But, sleep won over that cup of tea and my tummy was a little upset this afternoon.
Oh yes, and I've rediscovered one of my calming techniques:  scented candles.  

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