Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 3 (Oct 13)

Ugh.   I am sooo sleepy today.   Woke up at 6am, ate my cream of wheat and promptly went back to sleep.  Woke up about quarter of 8 and realized there was no way I could handle Second Chance this morning.  But, come hell or inflamed lumps, I will be there next week as it is their Open House.  But, this morning:  sleepy, cold-like symptoms (I get them a lot in the morning), tummy not the happiest although it is time to eat again.   I need to hard boil some eggs.

Last night I ended up binging slightly before bedtime and ate 2 1/2 (cuz I gave a little to my dog, Callie) granola bars (which I need to watch the amount).  I think it was because I was looking at recipes for sandwich spreads and made myself hungry.   But, you'll find I tend to binge every now and then...especially if my blood sugar drops.   It'll drop because either I've miscalcuated the insulin at the last meal, or because my GP makes my blood sugar a little erratic.   Now, we are supposed to follow the Rule of 15:   15 carbs and then wait 15 minutes and test again.   But, try telling yourself that when you are sweating and shaking and woozy and confused and feel like you are going to pass out.   Yeah, you eat until you start to feel better.   Then, of course, you've eaten too much and may end up having to take more insulin.   Gah.   I'll try to be better about the rule of 15.... Maybe at least eat 30 and check in 10....

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