Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 6 (Oct 16)

Well, I had a low-blood sugar episode, with seeing twinkles and everything.   So, yeah, I binged:  3 bags of mini pretzels (halloween size) and 2 granola bars.   Ugh.  And now I feel like eating junk (wish I had more!!) because I'm very upset.   I cancelled my dog-walking service over the weekend because I pretty much work every day from home and the only exercise I get is walking my dog and seems silly for me to be sitting here while someone comes to pick my dog up and take her out....   anyway, the dog walker just called and left a message (cuz I was too chicken to answer the phone) and was saying that he was sorry for all the times he was late and that he'd miss Callie and yes, I ended up blubbering very badly and freaking out (I mentioned I have anxiety issues, right?   And I'm just neurotic in general and I can not handle conflict/confrontation of any kind).  I will have to call him back and tell him it wasn't him (tho, he is right that the times he was late were really frustrating for me).

So, now I want to comfort myself with food, right?  Not too much comfort food here (junk food).  I did have the last cadbury "screme" egg.   I'm really in the mood for cheeseballs.... ever since going to Second Chance a couple weekends ago and they had a big bin of cheeseballs.... so I got one to eat before I started this blog (*red cheeks*) but I ended up dumping them cuz I was just eating them too much.   But. boy do I want them right now.  


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